Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jones Family: Anytime

One of my favorite locations to shoot in Central Ohio is Inniswoods Metro Park. It is gorgeous, green, huge, lovely, and crawling with tons of other photographers on any given day. You've got to either go during the week or get there early on the weekends to avoid the rush of cameras click, click, clicking all around you. Luckily, my cousin and her family were able to meet me during the week to capture some photos of her family, and especially Anna, who just turned 6 months old. See her newborn photos here.









Could these little Buckeye Fans be any cuter?



Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Color: Brown, Texture: Unlimited

Last week I came across the blog of Marta Locklear, a photographer in Virgina. She's started a weekly photo challenge based on color and texture that I'm so excited to participate in. I stepped outside a few days ago to capture the following shots based on the color BROWN with unlimited texture. It is a few days late, since she is already on week 2...but I'll try to catch up in the next few days.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

My Monday Morning Thoughts

*It has been busy at the household this morning. Our new bed was delivered, our neighbor came over to borrow a tool, the phone has been ringing off the hook, and we had to make an emergency trip to Target for laundry detergent.

*We won a bed (back in July) that was finally delivered today. The box spring won't fit up the stairs so it is currently leaning against the side of the house. Here's how we won it!

*I did a 3 month old photo session yesterday. That was sorta hard.

*I just finished reading Redeeming Love and loved it. I'm currently reading I'd Know You Anywhere and wish I could finish it faster. Up next is Beginner's Greek which I randomly picked up at the library.

*My husband went to The Breeder's Cup on Saturday. Poor Zenyatta :(

*Someone called for my husband this morning. I answered. The man asked if he could speak to my FATHER!!

*I should be editing photos. Goodbye.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mitchell: 8 months old

Sometimes an out of the ordinary event will occur that will cause the universe around you to spiral out of control and nothing will ever be the same again. (yes, that was unnecessarily dramatic)
In the case of Mitchell's 8 month old photo session, that out of the ordinary event was a freak hailstorm. We were minding our own business...taking photos...deciding to move to the back yard for a change of scenery. Bam...we walk out the back door with a 5 month old, an 8 month old, a 4 year old, 2 adults, and 1 very expensive camera...and it starts to hail/rain/wreak havoc.
We were totally stuck on the porch under the awning...getting wet :( So, change of clothes and back inside for some more shots.
Alls well that ends well though...and I think we still got some great pictures of Mitchell at 8 months.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Evalynn: 6 months

I've known little E's mom for almost 15 years...which doesn't seem possible. It's been so amazing to thing back to those first days when we were heading into college, to now, seeing her as a wife and mother.

We've had countless adventures together...from stalking certain members of NSync to taking her engagement photos (before I really knew how to use my camera). Getting photos of her beautiful blue-eye babe is just another chapter in our story.

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Interview with Louie's Hardware

thanks to all who commented
If you are a fan of jewelry, or copper, or handmade items, or beautiful will love today's interview and giveaway from Louie's Hardware. Read on to learn more about Kerri and her amazing shop.
TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: Hello - My name is Kerri Mackey; I am the creator of Louie's Hardware. I make jewelry from copper, brass and beads. My day job is as an architect for a commercial architectural firm. Although my job requires a great deal of creativity; I still crave an outlet for my own designs and ideas. I also just love making things! I come from a very crafty family. My mom can sew anything and she's a wonderful cake decorator - she made my wedding cake! My dad is a jack of all trades, plus he's very good at instructing. My younger brother does some amazing woodworking. My husband and I are expecting our first child and he made us the most beautiful toy chest And finally; my older brother is in culinary school; he makes some really delicious dishes. So I think the crafty gene was passed down.

WHAT IS YOUR SHOP AND WHAT DO YOU SELL: My shop is Louie's Hardware. I sell jewelry - most is made from hammered or brushed copper or brass. I also work with some semi precious stones and pearls. I've also started creating collage art which are mounted on wood boards. I really like doing both even though they are so different.

HOW DO YOU PROMOTE/MARKET YOUR SHOP: I promote primarily with Facebook. I have a fan page. I also like to do give aways at local events - silent auctions, swag bags, charity events, etc. Plus, family and friends wear my jewelry and tell people about it.

WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST SHOP GOAL IN THE NEXT 6 MONTHS: I guess I have two biggest goals - one is to create more pieces to add to my shop. Especially the metal pieces as well as more collage art. The other goal is to be more consistent about my Facebook posting in order to draw more fans.

My husband - he's the best
Lazy Sundays
Fall weather - this is my absolute favorite time of year
Family get-togethers
I'm so happy to share that Kerri is doing a giveaway of one of her beautiful pieces of jewelry.
HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment on this blog post
THE WINNER: 1 winner will get a pair of Hot Pink Pearl Earrings
DEADLINE: Winner will be picked an announced on Sunday, October 31st @ 8pm EST

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Interview and Giveaway with Crafty By Nature Studio

thanks to all who commented!
I've got a special treat for you today! An interview AND a giveaway with the talented Karen of Crafty By Nature Studio!
TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: My name is Karen Buoncristiano, I am 34 years old, and I have always enjoyed making things myself and crafting. I am married to a great guy who is very supportive of my crafty goals, and he is also crafty himself, from learning to throw pottery on the wheel to designing and creating mosaic tables. I suppose we have lived in Ohio for about five years. Before that, I have lived all over, but mostly in Annapolis, Maryland. I really love Ohio and the people here are so friendly and charismatic. I have been taking ceramics classes here at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center for about four years. If anyone is interested in trying their hand at making pottery on the potter's wheel (or any other art form), I highly recommend the Cultural Arts Center. In fact, I still take classes there to this day and I hope to never stop taking ceramics classes there! It is a great place and very welcoming for new artists and for people who are just starting to try pottery or any other art form offered there. Lastly, I do have a full time job, too, besides my Crafty By Nature Studio endeavors. I work for the gas company doing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) which is basically computer mapping of gas lines and much more. I do cherish my crafting time because I enjoy it so much when I am making something wonderful and natural and useful for people to use! Crafting and pottery keeps me going, and really lights my fire!

WHAT IS YOUR SHOP AND WHAT DO YOU SELL: Crafty By Nature Studio is my shop. I try to keep everything sold by Crafty By Nature Studio as ecological or earthy as possible. I think the theme of my shop is right in the name, because I handcraft nature-inspired crafts, crafts that use all natural ingredients, and I recycle as much as possible including my clay. Crafty By Nature Studio sells a variety of all natural body care products, handmade pottery, and nature themed arts and gifts. Right now, the focus is on the all natural body care products including Healthy Skin Body Butter, Working Hands Skin Repair, relaxing bath salts in two scents (Relaxing Lavender and Breathe Better Mint), luxurious Eco-Lovely Lip Balms available in two savory flavors (Vanilla or Mint), the sensuous Eco-Lovely Lotion Bars, and aromatherapy candles for ambiance. Pottery has been ranging from bowls to mugs to goblets lately. Nature inspired art gifts currently underway are the cute "peanut hummingbirds". I created hummingbird ornaments using a peanut and a toothpick for the beak, then painted them to look like ruby throated hummingbirds and added wings. They're really cute!

HOW DO YOU PROMOTE/MARKET YOUR SHOP: I am on Etsy of course and I have links on Facebook. I have recently started a blog and that has been a lot of fun. Occasionally, I send crafty emails to friends and ask them to pass them along. I haven't tried twitter as of yet and I am not sure if I am missing out or not. I do also have my own website, which I have made several sales off of already. Sometimes, word of mouth is helping me to get business and then I can just tell people, "Go to and you can buy your body butters, hand creams, pottery, or lip balms right then and there"

WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST SHOP GOAL IN THE NEXT 6 MONTHS: My biggest shop goal in the next six months is twofold. First, I aspire to survive and learn from my very first crafty show, which is the two day Grove City Fall Arts and Crafts Bazaar held on Saturday, November 13th (9am-4pm) and Sunday, November 14th (10am-4pm). I am so excited for my first show ever! I want to learn as much as I can from it, and my second goal for the next six months is about more shows. I plan and hope to get into more shows and gain more exposure and more learning. I already have figured out that part of making goals happen means that I just be more vigilant on keeping track of the calendar for when the shows are held and also for when the application deadlines are for applying to be included in a given show. Sometimes I say "Get it together, Karen, and use a calendar!"

5 THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY: Just about anything purple, my whippet dog, crafting, throwing on the potter's wheel, and of course my crafty, very handsome husband is apprenticing with me to be a potter too (and he's learning quick!).

A huge thanks to Karen for letting us in on the secrets behind the shop! She's also doing a giveaway to one special reader. Here is the info you need to know:
HOW TO ENTER: Leave comment on this blog post! Show Karen some love!
WINNER: 1 winner will win Karen's Healthy Skin Body Butter
DEADLINE: Winner will be picked an announced on Sunday, October 24th @ 8pm EST.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Spellcheck please!

Words that I misspell on a consistent every time I type them.
Don't know why. I am typically a very good speller but these words drive me crazy.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The E Family: Anytime

We've got some seriously awesome neighbors.
The raddest dog on one side and this family of cuties on the other.
We chat at the fence, play in the backyard, and have been able watch this amazing family grow from 2 little ones (when we moved in) to 3 now.
E family...we love you...don't ever move! Seriously.

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