Monday, March 22, 2010

Basement Renovation: Week 7

I must not have taken many pictures last week of our progress, but I promise that things were happening.

and it all dealt with making sure NO.WATER.WILL.EVER.SEEP.INTO.THE.FLOORS.OR.WALLS.
This was some serious business that ended with painting a sealer onto the floors.
We are ready for some springtime rains to check out whether it will work or not.

Looking forward to a productive week (with more pictures)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Handmade/Homemade Challenge: Nephew's Birthday

For my nephew's 4th birthday, we have given the gift of our time and the experience of live theatre. Last night we took him to a production at a children's theatre of Robin Hood. In my opinion, the story line and dialogue were a little too mature for a children's theatre and the script included a lot of things that would go over the head of anyone younger than 13 or 14. Luckily they also threw in some scenes where the actors ran around the stage wildly yelling and screaming. This brought the attention of the 4-10 year olds back for a few minutes at least.
After the show the kids were invited to get their playbills signed by the actors, which I thought was a very nice touch. All the kids were super psyched to meet them. This is my nephew meeting Prince John.

Overall, the gift was a success and we all had a great time. When we dropped him off at home he said, "If you ever have any extra theatre tickets, you can come and see me." I take that as a good sign.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring into health

As a result of almost 2 years of home renovations, my health has fallen by the wayside. It's time to put it back on the top of my daily list. So, I've got the gym membership and the at home equipment as well.
yoga blocks

foam roller

5 lb. hand weights

balance ball

resistance bands
I also have a bike and don't mind a short run every once in a while.
Now, does anyone have good workout websites to share with me? I just don't know what to do with all these things!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Basement Renovation: Week 6

Sorry to keep you all in suspense over the state of the basement for the past month. Construction had to stop for a while, hubby had some work at his sister's house to do. we are back in business and a lot has happened over the past week. I'll keep the narrative short and leave it up to the pictures to tell the story.
Walls were re-pointed and re-mortared.
A look at the walls at the beginning of the week.

Walls got a thin layer of cement to assure there would be no leaking. (water has never been an issue, this is just a precaution)

HVAC was re-routed and streamlined to maximize headroom.

Walls then got a coat of ThoroSeal to further ensure maximum waterproof-ness. We're not taking any chances!

Husband then melted away from pure exhaustion.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Back in the basement

It has been a few weeks since work has been done in the basement.
But we're back...and things are getting messy.Basement update coming Monday...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Photo Guest Book

It's been 2 1/2 years since the wedding and still one of my favorite details from the day is our guest book. I compiled a bunch of photos from our relationship and made a book with the help of Shutterfly.
Friends and family signed the book throughout the reception and at the bbq the following day.
My favorite page will always be the one with the little note left by my 6 year old niece.

It reads, "I have lost my tooth at your wedding day. Lauren"

Friday, March 5, 2010

February Freebie Photo Shoot

At the beginning of the year I posted on my Facebook page an opportunity for my friends. Once a month freebie photo shoot. No strings attached. J was the 2nd one to answer my call. Therefore she got February. (to see photos from January's shoot, click here)
The day was cold and I was not heading outside for picture taking. It wasn't going to happen. That made me nervous though. I'm just learning about this camera of mine and the thing (the camera) likes natural light (might want to check into getting it some Vitamin D pills). So, inside we stayed...but close to the windows and the light, mind you.
J is such a good friend and J is expecting TWINS any day now (as of today, not the photo shoot day). I'm so very excited for she and B to welcome a baby boy and a baby girl into their lives.

1 boy, 1 girl

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Handmade/Homemade Challenge: Brother-in-law's Birthday

I have no real reason for my absence from this blog. I got lazy. So, I'm going to forget it ever happened and never speak of it again. (and I'll try to be better from now on).
So, in February my brother-in-law had a birthday. It sort of snuck up on me so there was no time to make anything or search Etsy for the perfect gift. The morning of the party, hubby and I went down to a local bakery to pick up some treats for the birthday boy (man).
This brother-n-law of mine is known for his avoidance of what do we get him...fancy bread and olive oil. Weird? Maybe. But this guy also loves to indulge in a Saturday morning of homemade french toast once in a while and this is the perfect bread for that.

The moral of the story is time your carb hating brother-in-law has a birthday...get him some bread.
Or not.