Monday, March 15, 2010

Basement Renovation: Week 6

Sorry to keep you all in suspense over the state of the basement for the past month. Construction had to stop for a while, hubby had some work at his sister's house to do. we are back in business and a lot has happened over the past week. I'll keep the narrative short and leave it up to the pictures to tell the story.
Walls were re-pointed and re-mortared.
A look at the walls at the beginning of the week.

Walls got a thin layer of cement to assure there would be no leaking. (water has never been an issue, this is just a precaution)

HVAC was re-routed and streamlined to maximize headroom.

Walls then got a coat of ThoroSeal to further ensure maximum waterproof-ness. We're not taking any chances!

Husband then melted away from pure exhaustion.

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