Friday, March 5, 2010

February Freebie Photo Shoot

At the beginning of the year I posted on my Facebook page an opportunity for my friends. Once a month freebie photo shoot. No strings attached. J was the 2nd one to answer my call. Therefore she got February. (to see photos from January's shoot, click here)
The day was cold and I was not heading outside for picture taking. It wasn't going to happen. That made me nervous though. I'm just learning about this camera of mine and the thing (the camera) likes natural light (might want to check into getting it some Vitamin D pills). So, inside we stayed...but close to the windows and the light, mind you.
J is such a good friend and J is expecting TWINS any day now (as of today, not the photo shoot day). I'm so very excited for she and B to welcome a baby boy and a baby girl into their lives.

1 boy, 1 girl


Sydney said...

Beautiful shots, I esp love the ones using the stuffed giraffe, so precious!

Allison - The Arden Candle Company said...

What wonderful shots! I agree with Sydney, I love the ones with the stuff giraffe! Would you be interested in taking some family pictures (at a park or something) - we'd definitely pay you for your work!