Sunday, October 5, 2008

The search for the perfect calendar

I fully admit that I have an office supply problem. I hoard things such as permanent markers, paper clips, sticky notes, and calendars.

I have searched for years to find the perfect place to write down my appointments, dates, etc. It has not been an easy process. Once I'd buy one, I would be so into for a brief moment in time. I'd fill it out and a few weeks later, I'd forget about it and move on to another. Nothing ever felt quite right.

And then, I stumbled across this lovely at Paper Source. I have officially fallen in love. I write my to-do list down and mark things off with a highlighter. I'm going on my 3rd week now, and things still look good. Cross your fingers for me. I think this one might be a keeper.

Get your own at Paper Source

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