Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving came early to our house. We celebrated this past Sunday with my in-laws and will celebrate tomorrow with my family.

My mother-in-law wanted some help with the table so I got right to work.

The table cloth came from Target. It also included 12 napkins and 12 napkin rings for only $23 dollars. She hasn't had a new table cloth in years so it was a great investment.
I found some mason jars in the basement and filled them up with fresh cranberries. In the middle I stuck a votive candle (unscented) and then wrapped some raffia around the jar.
I also bought these stick things at Target for $3.00. They were really long, so I cut them in half and stuck one of the new napkin rings around it all to hold it together. Place a fancy glass thingy over it and we were all set. (By the way, the fancy glass thingy was already at the house)
A view of the table with everything in it's place.
I folded the new napkins to make a little pocket for the name cards. I printed and cut these at home.
For the kids table I filled another mason jar with cranberries and wheat stalks. I left out the candle for these guys and girls. They each got their own napkin and place card as well.

I also downloaded some coloring sheets that I used under the plates for a place mat.
A close-up of the wheat.
The brand spankin new crayons. Who could resist?

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Heidi Jo said...

It all looks great! Good job!