Friday, April 3, 2009


Today is a rainy day. The kind where the only thing worth doing is curling up with a book or a movie on a soft couch and a cup of tea. Everything should be put on hold on days like today.
Alas, the world will not stop for me and my tea drinking, movie watching habits. Here is some randomness for your Friday afternoon...
1. My mother-in-law and I have have been humming/whistling/singing the Pink song "So What". We are normally the John Denver/Cat Stevens/Simon and Garfunkel listeners. We are quite sure that Pink is out to drive us crazy with her catchy rhythm and lyrics. Curse you Miss Pink...get out of my head.
2. I am going to a cake walk tonight at the local elementary school. You know, where the band plays music, you walk around in a circle, and if the music stops when you land on the right number you win a cake. Anyone else do this sort of thing on a Friday night?
3. I went to the library last weekend and bought about 120 kids books for...get ready...brace yourself...$5. No, not $500 or $50.....FIVE DOLLARS. I kid you not. They were handing out brown bags and the deal was, fill it up for one dollar. I really stuffed those bags full. Got about 30-40 books per bag. Good books too. Like hardback ones that retail for over $10 a piece. I might have to do a book a week sort of thing. My future kids will be so lucky!
4. That's all I've got. Life calls. Bills to pay. Invitations to print. Wood floors to sand one last time. Have a great weekend!

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