Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Interview with Carroll Baker

This week I am lucky enough to interview not only a fellow Etsy Team Columbus member who is a fantastic photographer, but he's also a magician! How fun! Welcome Carroll Baker!
Tell Us About Yourself: I am a professional magician in the central Ohio area and photography has been a hobby since my days in commercial art doing ads and graphics. I try to see photos and subjects for the photos on a different level. Some shots really stand out because of light or subject and other by using old techniques like black and white or tinting. I also like to do my editing in camera with very little photoshop other than cropping or level adjustments. I have only been doing digital for the last few years.
What Kind Of Items Do You Sell In Your Etsy Shop: I sell photos in different sizes and on almost any subject. I tend to take shots of eye catching and unusual views of life. I also love to shoot old cars and carousel horses.
What Brought You To Etsy: My wife Andrea was a member first and suggested selling my photos. I haven't sold a lot but the ones I did sell are the cream of the crop.
How Do You Promote Your Shop: Andrea helps me keep up with Facebook, Twitter, and Plurk. I tend to spend more time on my magic business as it pays the bills and use the photography as a creative outlet and way to unwind.
What Is Your Favorite Item In Your Shop Right Now: I love the shot called Fall Friends.

What Is Your Biggest Shop Goal In The Next Six Months: To upload some of my beach shots and others from my archive and to sell more prints...lol.
Favorites: I love Chinese food from Joey Chang's bistro in the Mill Run Plaza. I can listen to just about any music but my favorites are mostly songs by Pink Floyd or The Eagles. I spend more time reading or learning new magic, so most of my books are magic related. I loved the Iron Man movie and most comedies and of course anything Magic or playing card related.
It sure was fun to interview Carroll today. I hope to catch one of his magic shows in the future!


maryeb said...

I knew he took amazing photos.
The Magician side is new to me.

Nicely done feature.

tscrapper said...

Great interview! I love the photos of the old cars and carousels, and I think it's great that there are still photographers around who don't rely on fancy software for editing.

Teri Landow said...

Great article!!! I love learning more about my friends!

Amy's The Painted House and More said...

Nice interview. Log the photography!!

Geng Designs said...

Wonderful photos! Love the black and whites, they have such an amazing contrast.