Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why I Can't Use The Ram Stamp

I've got a little thing for stamps. I don't collect or hoard them but I do enjoy getting a nice fresh book on occasion. I also like when I get to the last one and get to throw away the leftover paper. Weird.
Anyway, I have one stamp that I just cannot get rid of. Here is a story about this lonely little ram stamp. My husband and I were married in August of 2007...a destination wedding in Maine. As it came time to send out the invitations the post office was again raising it's rates. Because we were sending these out at an awkward time, (according to the post office rate changing world) we could no longer purchase the previous wedding themed stamps because the postage was not enough and the next wedding themed stamps had not been released yet. Please keep in mind that my then-boyfriend was sent out on the stamp mission and I did not find any of this out until he returned home with the stamps. So, I came home from work on stamp retrieval day to find that my ingenious boyfriend had solved the stamp crisis. We would put two stamps on the invitation to arrive at the needed rate....and one of them would be a ram stamp. I honestly don't remember my reaction. It could have been bad, but probably not...I'm nothing if not laid-back and go-with-the-flow. The point is...I cannot not let go of this stamp and so it will forever remain in my collection.

Too bad they didn't have moose stamps...it would have made more sense.

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