Monday, October 4, 2010

Cat Socks

Many years ago, probably in my Christmas stocking or Easter basket, my mom gave me a pair of cat socks. Not socks you put on cats, but socks that you put on me...with cats on them. Know what I mean. The cat design is not just printed...but embroidered (I guess that is what it would be...the cat designs are actually stitched with thread onto the sock) Man, I'm making this sound so difficult. Just see above photo if you are confused.
Anyway...I still have the socks and I love the socks because of the cats (for one thing) and also because they are ankle socks (so know one knows the cats are there when I wear them to the gym).
I also love them (and this is my favorite part) because after I take them off, I have cats imprinted onto my feet for a while. It surprises me and makes me smile every time.

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