Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's Time For A List

Since it's Thursday. Since Winter is back and I don't know what coat to wear. Since I have a lot on my mind. Here is a list...a list of lovely things.

I have a new nephew...he's 2 days old and I'm in love. Pictures soon!!
I can't get this song out of my head...and this is my favorite version. Love it EVERY.TIME.
This photo is killing me...and I wouldn't mind owning the hat either. I'm a sucker for a silly hat.
Netflix streaming on my ipad is AWE.SOME. Watched Kings of Pastry last night in bed. Yes I did. What should I watch next? I'm thinking this.
Made these for dinner last night. Yum. (tuna, tartar sauce, and green onion options)
I have a date with my hubby tonight. Dinner and a movie! Must use our Groupon before it expires (today!!)
Looking forward to seeing him live this summer. 3 times. (looking forward to is a gross understatement)
I'm trying to learn Twitter. Am I the only one who is confused? Who should I follow?
If we ever have kids I'm going to aim for a Fall birthday. All of my 8 nieces/nephews were born between Feb 27th and May 21st. Even weirder 2 of them share a birthday (9 years apart), 2 are only 1 day apart (the same year), and 2 are 2 days apart (4 years between them). Does this happen in anyone else's family?
Do you read this blog? You should. I don't know them, but I want to.

The end.

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