Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Interview with Hev-Vin Designs

If there was a list of things I love, purses/bags/clutches would be on it. Ask my husband. We just moved into our house and had a lengthy discussion on where to keep them all. Much to my delight, my interview today makes all kinds of lovely items that I can drool over and dream about. Say hello to Jamie of Hev-Vin Designs. (stay tuned for a giveaway at the end)
I'm Jamie Hevener - designer and seamstress, mom of a 12 year old daughter, Sarah, and wife of husband, John. I balance taking care of them, my two dogs Woody (a chocolate lab/pig in a dog suit) and Tico ( a German shepherd - terrier rescue dog) with my business.
Hev-Vin Designs is where I design and make bags, custom and ready to sell, from mostly estate quality vintage fabrics and leathers, embellishing them with antique and vintage buttons and jewelry. I will also make custom orders from the fabrics that you can find here. Upon request, I will use other fabrics too. The ready to sell bags are in my Etsy shop.

To promote my shop, I will sell at local craft shows, handing out cards and brochures for custom ordering. I also use Facebook, Twitter, and have a blog.

My favorite item in my shop would have to be "Bad Girl", which is a cross body purse which is made from estate vintage cherry red satin, black floral vintage lace and soft black leather with a re-purposed dramatic graphics belt. It's sexy and humorous. I like to play with styles by mixing masculine and feminine fabrics together and blending textures. I'm a textile fanatic. You just don't get the quality from store bought or online fabrics like you do with vintage.

In the next months, I'm really going to keep pushing with the textiles, using more hardware, old imprinted photos and vintage jewelry. I keep feeling a pull to do some fiber and mixed media art. So who knows? I'm "following my bliss" with this whole process of growing my business.

Here are some other items that make me happy too: My favorite foods are macaroni and cheese casserole, Tex Mex dishes, anything with warm cheese really.
My favorite music is classic punk (Sex Pistols, Ramones, Clash), Classic Goth (Peter Murphy, Cure), and anything with Jack White (have a small crush on him)
My favorite books are Jane Eyre by Bronte, On The Road by Jack Keroack, and anything by Joseph Campbell.
Jamie has graciously offered this great bag as a giveaway. Keep your remotes in one place, store you crafting supplies, or many other options. Here are the details.
Item: Scarlet and Grey basket (shown in above picture), can also be exchange for a $30 credit.
How to enter: Leave a comment on this blog before Friday (the 9th) at noon (eastern time)
Good Luck!


Poonam said...

Those are lovely handbags you make!
I really loved each bag pictured in this blog.

Have fun!

Melsclay said...

I love all of your bags!

Amy's The Painted House and More said...

Love your work! Can't wait to get the bags I ordered for Christmas presents. Nice interview!!

jannypie said...

Great article, I've been seeing your bags pop up on Facebook and they are fantastic! The craft tote is a.dor.able!

Grace Hester Designs said...

Wow, love the bags and yes, Bad Girl is too cool. Thanks for the interview on the artist behind the creations!

clenna said...

I love your bags, especially the 'Bad Girl" bag.
This bag your giving away - I can thi k of lots of uses - kitchen gadgets, desk supplies, art and craft materials, sewing materials, as well as remotes. How about using it as a charging station for cameras, phones, ipods, etc.

clenna at aol dot com

piccoladonna2006 said...

Lovely tote! I will love to win it!
You do amazing works! Way to go!

Lily said...

i love this giveaway!

TopHat said...

Oh my- that would be PERFECT for my knitting!

You have such lovely bags!

Shannon said...

Love the bags... they're all so funky!

Sheila said...

The bags are all so cute! Jamie is such a talented designer.

pinkbeary said...

Love your bags. I would love to win this bag.

Anonymous said...

Your bags ar fantastic. I love the organizer bucket!

badgermomma at gmail dot com

Lisa said...

I think the fact that my two favorite items from your site are so different (Skate or Die and Warm Thoughts) show the range of bags you have available. Thanks for the giveaway.

Liane said...

That bucket is fantastic! Lovely work.


Abigail said...

I love the cross body bag too! Especially the patchwork green one. It's so fun!

abigail.lee {at} gmail.com

kei'sblog said...

Nice bags!

Just wanted to let you know that I added your contest to doubleprizes.com and hopefully more people find your blog.


Anonymous said...

Beautilful! I have tons of crafting supplies that are looking for a cozy place to stay in between crafting sittings.
ghainskom at yahoo dot com

Sarah said...

What great bags!

sarah at northernlightsaquatics.com

Caroline said...

The bag looks like a great place to keep your crafts.


Linda K said...

I like all of the bags. I could really use this to organize my desk mess.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

camelfam said...

That bag is very cool. I'm sure I could find a lot of uses for it. Thanks for this giveaway!

Wehaf said...

I'm a sucker for anything plaid, so I love that bag!

urchiken at gmail dot com

tscrapper said...

Great interview! I would love the organizer/ Buckeye bag to hold my scrapbooking goodies. :)

Bombtastic Belle said...

Awesome bag! Thanks for the chance :)

Carapace said...

I'm all excited to see what else goes up in the shop-- that empty Steampunk section is a horrible enticement!:D


tanya904 said...

This would be great for toting around my yarn Thanks so much for the giveaway

Jenco13 said...

love your give away prize-- the problem I would have is what not to store in it!! so many ideas i have for it already :) good luck with your shop
Gracie902 (at) gmail .com

by the way i also followed you on twitter :)

Andrea Baker said...

Great interview. I love the royal hobo bag. Its so funky and stylish!

Jamie does great work!

andrea v said...

I would love this for my scrapbook supplies. I just went to a scrap camp and everyone had bags similar to this.

Cortney said...

You make gorgeous bags! I think my favorite is the "first date" clutch. Anxiously crossing my fingers, hoping I win the opportunity to own one :)

Heather said...

Great bags - great idea.
jswandrn @ gmail.com

Keilann said...

Love the tan and red big stripe clutch! Super fun & funky! Thanks for the giveaway!


Beverly said...

What an awesome give a way! Thank you ! I love the organizer, I make dolls and it would be perfect for those take along projects! Bless your heart!

Hev-Vin Designs said...

Hey! It's Jamie from HevVin Designs. Thank you Melinda for the interview article and thank you everyone for the sweet comments! I wish all of you could win. :-)