Monday, December 28, 2009

Basement Renovation: Week 1

I can't believe we are doing this. We just finished the first 2 floors. We still have construction dust floating in the air and boxes that are not unpacked. But, we are doing it. Basement. Renovation.
We have a really nice sized unfinished attic space as well. I would have liked to finish that first. My mom thinks we should finish the attic first. The construction dude (husband) says the basement is first. Something about needing a laundry room. He's tired of the laundromat. The attic will have to wait.

This is a pretty big basement, maybe 800 square feet. Not a small job we are getting ourselves into. We'll have another full bathroom, the aforementioned laundry room, a tool room, and hopefully a living room/playroom/hangout area.

These pictures are from our first walk-through of the house back in March of 2008. We closed 15 days later. Renovated floors 1 and 2 from July 2008 to September 2009. Break's over.

There is currently a bathroom stall down there. See the plunger. Right there. Lots of houses we looked at were like that. Wonder why?

First thing to go is the wood paneling "walls". Second thing to go will probably be my sanity.

I'll update our progress every Monday. Unless I forget, and then maybe Tuesday or whenever I get around to it. Follow along with me.


Sydney said...

We're in the middle of doing our basement as well. Hope you're making MUCH more progress then we are, lol.

Sally said...

All the best with the basement remodeling project. We just finished a 4-month total basement redo too, so have some idea of where you're headed. Stay sane!

M said...

Sydney - best of luck on your basement progress!
Sally - I'd love to see some pictures of your before/after basement.