Friday, December 4, 2009

What Is Your Tree Style

Do you celebrate the holiday's with a Christmas tree?
If so, what kind do you have?
The Artificial Tree
The Live Tree (that you can plant)
The Cut-Your-Own Tree
The Tree Lot Tree
Us...we went with the tree from the lot this year. Loving the smell...


Sydney said...

Our tradition is to cut one down. Our son thought it was the greatest thing, he's almost 16 months so it was a whole new experience for him and it was so fun to watch him.

Tig said...

I'm definitely a "chop down my own tree" sort of girl. There's just something so special about trudging out into the tree farm, seeing your ideal tree and then cutting it down with your own hands. It's just so fulfilling.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

We would go to the tree farm when I was growing up. But now, we have a great tradition living in an urban neighborhood. There's a small italian grocery just a few blocks from our house that's been there for decades and probably hasn't changed since it opened. Every year they sell fresh cut trees in the alley out back. There are a lot of poor folks in the area. The folks at the store make sure they have trees in every size and price range and subsidize the pricing so that anyone who wants to have a real tree for Christmas can procure one - even if it's just a tiny charlie brown tree. The owner of the store knows all his customers by name - we all come back every year. He gives us his secret recipe for special water to keep the tree fresh all season. He has trees that are a couple of feet tall all the way to 15 footers. There's always a fire in a barrel out back to warm your hands. And when we go inside to pay, we buy colorful bulk christmas candies out of big barrels - everyone picks a bagful of their favorite thing. It's a truly memorable tradition and one of my favorites of the season.