Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Handmade/Homemade Challenge: Sister's Birthday

This is gift #2 in the Handmade/Homemade Challenge that I am embarking on for 2010.
You can see gift #1 here.
. . .
So this gift is for my oldest sister. 2 years ago I made calendars for my whole family for Christmas. I just found out recently that my oldest sister loved hers so much that it still hangs on the wall - even though outdated. So that is where the inspiration came from for this gift.
. . .
I had the calendar start in February since her birthday is in late January. I wanted her to get the full years worth of calendar joy.
I went back and forth on this gift a bit. It's handmade/homemade right? I didn't print it obviously, but I did put all the pictures and dates in. I'm counting it.
What do you think?

I just know she'll love it!

Coming up in February...3 birthdays and Valentine's day...

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