Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Traveling Books

I'm reading a book right now that I borrowed from my sister-in-law. She borrowed it from her mother-in-law who lives in Annapolis. Her name is in the front cover so that it can be returned to her when it is finished traveling.
It made me think about, and miss, the old cards that were in the backs of books when you checked them out of the library. The librarian would stamp it with the date and you would sign your name on the line. I used to love to see who had the books before me in elementary school.

I might buy some little cards like this to put in my books if they are going traveling. I can see where it has been once it returns to me. Does anyone else do this?
Oh, and are you wondering what is going on in the basement?
Nothing...that's what. Boo. I'll get back to it soon I hope!


Sarah said...

I had a girl and her mom pick up some these cards to put a journal they were buying to mail back and forth to each other. They were going to keep a record on the card.

Those cards are great and I really love that old one.

Swiss Family Saunders said...

I always checked to see who had read the book too (even through high school). That is a great idea! Friends should do that more often when they let another friend "borrow" a book!
You and George are more than welcome to come visit anytime in the next 3 years! Let us know :)