Monday, January 25, 2010

Basement Renovation: Week 5

This week was not so exciting for the basement. No major changes were made. But necessary things happened. Even if they were boring.
We had to call in the big guns for this project. The electric company. An electrician. An inspector. The electric company...again.
This week we moved our electric meter box around the corner of the house. This is important because we'd like to build a porch on, and it would have been in a bad location if it was not moved.
So the electric company came and shut off the power to the house. What's a girl to do with no power. I took a nap.
Here is the old meter in the old location.
Ladders were climbed. Wires were moved.

Here is the new box prior to the electric company coming back. It is in it's new location. You can sort of see where it used to be in the left part of the photo.
And to go with the new meter box, we got a new electric panel in the basement as well. It has been updated from a 100 amp to 200 amp so we have more circuits to work with. Our old box was mighty full. This work was done by a certified electrician. It looks so nice and neat now.

Finally, after nearly 12 hours without power the electric company finally came back to restore power. Our house got down to 50 degrees and everyone was a bit grumpy.
By the way, don't you hate it when you know the power is out and you still try to turn on lights or run the microwave. Am I the only one who does this?

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Miriam at Made Right Guide said...

Hi I've been having fun watching your basement renovation! Just wanted to say hi. Also, you're not alone, when my power goes out I find myself wandering over to the computer and just staring at it.