Monday, January 11, 2010

Basement Renovation: Week 3

Week 3 of our basement renovation has arrived. As you can recall from Week 2, a royal dusty mess was made. The dust has now settled and what we are left with is a gaping hole in the floor.

New pipes will go into those gaping holes that will allow us to connect a new sink!! toilet!! and shower!! in our brand new basement bathroom. Awesome!

While the hubby was getting all the pipes situated in their proper locations, I was shoveling many pounds of rocks into the basement via the basement windows. 1200 pounds of rocks. Yeah, I'm strong.

Once the pipes were down, the rocks went on top, on the sides, and all around.

While the rocks settled, we rented a cement mixer from Home Depot and got busy mixing bag after bag of cement. Look how quickly hubby works...he's just a blur.

Hubs mixed and then threw shovelfuls of cement into the pits. I did the business of leveling things out and it went pretty well. A couple of spots will need sanded smooth once everything hardens up. We even wrote our names in the cement for future homeowners to see.

Up next, power washing the walls!

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Sydney said...

looks like you're making some great progress!!