Monday, January 12, 2009

Etsy Finds : Bikes

Typically when I go to Etsy, I head directly to my home page to check on things there. Every once in while though, I go to the Etsy front page to check out the treasury listed. It is always full of beautiful, handpicked items.

Getting a treasury listed looks like hard work. I've never made one or even attempted to, but just reading about the process looks like a little too much for me.

So guess what...I've made my own treasury of sorts. It is all about bikes...because I want a bike...badly. We just moved from a very country town to the big city and I'm ready to ride my future bike to the farmer's market and the library and the coffee shop (for hot chocolate). I want it to have a basket too. So as soon as spring arrives I'll be on the lookout for some wheels but for now these Etsy finds will have to do.


1. Happy Family Canvas Tote
2. JKL Designs Photo
3. Home Studio 2 Pocket Mirror
4. Orange Twist Cards
5. Lofty Mornings T-shirt
6. Matte Art Print
7. Dove Tail Tumbler
8. Please Be Still Print
9. Vital Hoodie

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