Monday, January 26, 2009

Fold. Stack. Punch. Repeat

The last few days of mine have been consumed by preparing an 8 page long program for a wedding on Saturday. I am here to guide you throughout the process of putting these babies together. Luckily I had Rachel Ray on TV to keep my company and make me hungry.

Step 1: Lay out the card stock (white on top of black) to find the fold point.
Step 2: Use a straight edge to fold the black card stock. I could have done this with a bone folder as well but I don't like the sound it makes. Like fingernails on a chalkboard (to me at least)
Step 3: Gather up the pages for the program. Check that they are in the right order. Run to the kitchen for a snack.
Step 4: Lightly tap to make sure everything in lined up.
Step 5: Fold the black card stock completely over. Make a nice sharp crease.
Step 6: Take your hole punch (or Cropadile in my case) and punch holes where you want them.
Step 7: Put your eyelets in the previously punched holes and use whatever eyelet setting tool you prefer to set them.
Step 8: Stand back and admire your work. Then get busy and finish the other 99 programs you have left to do.
On a side note, G did not have much faith in the power of the eyelet to hold all those pieces of paper together. I had no fear, but I did spend much of the wedding on Saturday night making sure that pieces of program were not falling all over the floor. Much to my delight, not a single program came apart and I could hear many oohs and ahhs over them.

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