Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mailing Your Wedding Invitations

Proper Postage
Bring a completed invitation to the post office to have it weighed; many require postage for at least two ounces, currently 61 cents. Have a reply card and its envelope weighed as well, to ensure that you don't over or underpay for that postage.

Selecting Stamps
Ask what's available at your local post office, or browse through a wider variety at the U.S. Postal Service website: Vintage stamps can be purchased from philatelic societies. They are worth the amount printed on them - but they can cost much more, since they are collectible and limited in quantity.

Take your invitations to the post office and request that they be hand-canceled. Machines print bar codes on the envelopes, but hand-canceling- just marking each stamp- keeps invitations neat and prevents damage that machines could cause. (Maybe you'll have better luck with this than I did-my post office refused to hand-cancel for me.)

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