Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What Is Your Walk Score?

When deciding where to live, one of the biggest factors was location. We wanted to be able to walk to restaurants, ride our bikes around the city, be close to family, be far enough away from too much city.
I think we accomplished our goal with the new house. I rode my bike to the grocery this morning and to the library yesterday. We are minutes from a bike trail which would take us miles either north or south. Very conveniently located to several restaurants and parks.
Now, I know just how "walkable" our little neighborhood is. I just entered our address at www.walkscore.com and it tells you how close to parks, restaurants, clothing stores, school, movie theatres, etc you are.
In case you were wondering, we are .33 miles to the closest grocery store, .35 to the local park, .87 to pick up a book at the library, and .49 from the nearest western clothing store. Just in case I need to pick up some boots or a 10 gallon hat. We got a grand total of 65 out of 100.
Just for giggles, I entered my parents house(where I grew up) It got a walkable score of 2!!

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