Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Real Wedding: Jamie & Anthony

When I was a teacher in NC I had an assistant, Vicky. Vicky was an amazing assistant and had an equally amazing daughter, Jamie. One day Jamie, who was newly engaged, came to visit her mother at school. We were out at recess so the three of us chatted about her upcoming nuptials while keeping close watch on a bunch of wild fourth graders. I mentioned to Jamie that I made my own wedding invitations just months before and one thing led to another. Next thing I knew, we were setting up a time to meet after school to look at colors, papers, fonts, and ideas.

Jamie and Anthony had a very short time frame to work with. From getting engaged to getting married may have been 2 months at the most. Anthony was serving in the Marines and was scheduled for deployment in early 2008. They wanted to be married, have a honeymoon, and say their goodbyes all withing a couple of weeks.

Jamie had seen some invitations that she liked in a magazine, so we adapted the colors to fit her scheme, worked on the wording, picked out fonts and sealed the deal all on one day after school in my classroom. It was my first job and it gave me the itch to find some more brides to work with.

Thank you Jamie and Anthony for trusting me and getting me started!
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