Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Before + After: Day 2

It's day 2 of Before + After week here at On A Limb Paper and today we are checking out the drastic changes that went down in the 2nd bedroom/office. Not a whole lot structurally was done in this room, but the transformation is amazing to see. Check out the before photos.
As you can see, we've got green carpet (this won't be the last of the green carpet you'll see), pink curtains, random sconces, rickety shelving, and a small closet. Along with those aesthetic things, we've also got potential here for the room had good bones, lots of outlets, and room for improvement.
remove sconces
patch walls and ceiling
paint walls, ceiling, baseboard, and trim
update electrical wiring
new window treatments (sewn by me)
change the closet from single door to double door
add custom shelving to closet
remove green carpet
sand and poly wood flooring
reroute HVAC duct work
new ceiling light
hang IKEA Lack shelves
For the time being this room will function as my office and when we need it, we'll move the office to the 3rd floor and this will transition to a child's room. No, we don't need that currently. I've got organization down to a science in this room and love the feel of it. Now if I could just talk my husband into moving his filing cabinet to another spot (basement maybe). I would also like to do a little more decorating with some prints from Etsy. Any suggestions?

Coming up tomorrow......the master bedroom!!

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