Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Is That The Smallest Box You Had?

You know what I love...looking out on the front porch to see a nice big package waiting for me. Looks like a good one too...nice and big...don't forget to lift with your legs.

What? 2 pounds? Seriously? I have a scale inside...and mine reads 12 oz. How much did I pay for shipping again?

Dear Big Fancy Company Who Shall Remain Nameless,
Is that the only size box you could find to ship 2 necklaces to me? A large envelope would have worked. I do thank you for not filling the entire box with packing peanuts though...I've got more than enough of those.


Sydney said...

I have never seen "packaging" quite like that...too funny.

Tig said...

Holy excessive box size, Batman!

Artsi Bitsi said...

This is funny. I had something similar that was like the Russian doll approach to shipping.

-> I got a box in the mail from my pharmacy.
-> Inside the box were nine plastic boxes.
-> Inside each of the plastic boxes there were three foil pouches
-> Inside each foil pouch there was a blister pack with one tablet. ONE.

So, to send me 27 pills, the pharmacy needed a total of 1 cardboard box, nine plastic boxes, twenty seven foil pouches and twenty seven blister packs. Its no wonder that each pill has a retail price of $15. Sheesh.

Adornments by Karla said...