Sunday, November 29, 2009

Before + After: Day 4

It's Day 4 of before + after week here at On A Limb Paper. It's a very exciting day because I'm showing you my closet. It's so very wonderful to have gone from itty bitty closets in our old home to the lovely walk-in closet that we have now. It did not start out that way though. When we bought the house, there were 2 small closets on either side of the bedroom. (see previous post) Our architect extraordinaire came up with a marvelous idea for tearing down some walls and changing the whole layout of the room and closet. Let's get to the pictures...

remove old closet walls and reconfigure layout of room
remove 1 window to allow for more shelving
replace 1 window
paint ceiling, walls, trim, and door
add electricity
add baseboard heater for cold winter months
install new light fixture
design custom shelving from IKEA basics
I think this will be a huge advantage if we ever decide to see the house. It's roomy, open, and pretty well organized. We've got room for folded items, long hanging items, and shorter hanging shirts and skirts. The only thing missing now are some hooks for hanging belts and a nice bench to sit in front of the window.

Coming up next...the bathroom!
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