Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Before + After: Day 3

It's day 3 of Before and After Week here at On A Limb Paper and we're going to take a look at the master bedroom. Before we look at the photos, you must know what the room layout was before and after. Before the long room was flanked by 2 small closets, one of which had stairs leading to the attic in it. Along the south facing wall there are 4 windows with the bedroom door directly across from it. Not a great layout. After, we removed the 2 closet walls and made one single (much larger) closet. The whole room shifted down and we have a much nicer layout for our bed and furniture. What we started out with were peach walls, with carpet and window treatments from before we were born. Our biggest problem though was with the layout of the room. The only place we could have put our bed (other than to shove it in a corner) was up against the windows. Then you would be walking straight into the bed when you came into the room. We are thankful for a close relationship with our architect/sister-in-law for great plans for the first major overhaul of a room.

remove 2 walls
frame new closet wall
reroute stairs to attic (more on that later)
new windows (4)
drywall window wall and new closet
patch walls and ceiling
paint walls, ceiling, baseboards, trim, and doors
install can lights over bed
install speakers for whole house sound system
sand and poly wood floors
update electrical and add more outlets
new ceiling light
built in shelving in corner
new curtains (hang from ceiling track)

We are so very happy about how our bedroom turned out. We love the new layout and great closet space that we gained. All that we still need to work on is decorating and maybe getting some black out shades for the windows.

Coming up tomorrow...the super duper new closet!

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This is so tranquil, very pretty