Thursday, December 11, 2008

D.I.Y. Tea Tray

I was recently inspired by a tray project that the Youngsters over at This Young House did.

Well, I took their idea and made it my own. My sister is a huge tea drinker and this tea tray will be an awesome Christmas gift for her.

I found the silver colored tray at Pier One Imports for $15. The striped paper and flower paper came from my local scrapbook store. The "Tea Revives You" print is something that I did at home with good old Adobe and my Okidata laser printer. (Inkjet ink may cautious) The liquid resin came from Michael's. Once I had everything like I wanted it, I taped it all down and mixed up the resin. Be sure to mix this well!! was time to pour. Make sure you get a nice even layer over the whole tray. If you get little air bubbles in your resin, lightly blow on them to make them pop.
Let the tray set without touching it for a few days...and've got yourself a homemade tray.
Thanks to the Youngsters for putting my photos up on your blog!!

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amy said...

I love this. Are you saying the ink may bleed when you pour on the resin? I'd like to try it this week.