Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hallway Renovation : Before and After

G and I have been renovating our house since June. Tear down, can't live there, very dusty renovating for six months. This is the first project that is actually completed (almost).

This is the side door to the house. It was once a creamy yellow color from the ceiling to the trim to the door. If there had not been carpet down I feel for sure the floor would have been painted to match.

Fast forward a few months and many hours and you'll see the end result. The door was stripped and repainted, the carpet has been replaced with tile, the walls and trim have been painted, and a light was added to the ceiling.For anyone interested:
Door and Trim - Poplar White from Sherwin Williams
Walls - Bunglehouse Grey from Sherwin Williams
Tile - Lowes
Drink cup sitting on the shelf - Noodle and Company (yum)
Dirty handprints on the door - My husband
Light - Madison Collection from Progress Lighting
All I need to do is put the little metal strips back on the bull nose and touch up the paint!

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