Sunday, December 14, 2008

Grapevine and Evergreen Holiday Wreath

Warmly welcome your guests with this festive holiday wreath.

Materials and Tools:

large grapevine wreath (26" to 30" diameter)
3' to 6' artificial evergreen garland
2" wide wired red ribbon
shiny eucalyptus sprigs
7 red berry sprigs
pine cones (scented or unscented)
assorted sprigs of contrasting seasonal greenery
1 35-light strand of red Christmas lights with a green electrical cord
1 small grapevine ball
1 medium grapevine ball
1 large grapevine ball
fine gauge wire


1. Wrap garland around base of grapevine wreath. Arrange the evergreen branches for a more natural look as you wrap. Next, insert small sprigs of contrasting seasonal greenery to break up the texture of the evergreen garland.

2. Wrap lights over garland, tucking cord between branches. Wrap so that the plug is positioned behind wreath, at the bottom.

3. Tie red ribbon to the grapevine wreath to secure it, then weave ribbon through the garland.
4. Wire grapevine balls to the wreath.

5. Finally, tuck in red berry sprigs, eucalyptus sprigs and pinecones; if necessary, attach them with wire.

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