Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mudroom Re-do

When I'm not working on invitations, I'm working at our new house. Since it is such a big part of what I do everyday (for the past 8 months) I decided to share a couple of before/during pictures with you. It's not no before and after.

What you see here is a view from inside the old kitchen looking towards the back of the house. On the left you have a breakfast nook/room that felt too small to actually entertain the idea of a table. It had a curved doorway and small window inside. On the right you have a back door that led to a small/narrow mudroom. The mudroom was more of a porch really.
The during picture was taken at a slightly different angle but we are still looking at the same part of the house. Now on the left we have a super fab mudroom with a new backdoor. On the right is a little nook for our fridge and behind the little nook is a small powder room. I've got most everything painted in this picture. We still need the molding around the top of the rooms, the baseboards installed, floors refinished and appliances/cabinets installed.

It is starting (finally) to feel like a place we could live in.

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