Thursday, February 26, 2009

Orla Kiely at Target

I know what you are thinking. Orla Kiely at Target is old news and everyone has already blogged about it before. I know this but yesterday was the first time I could make it there to check out the goods in person.

I didn't intend on going to Target yesterday but it was right there after my lunch with dad. And I may have been putting off going to work at the house. I've had about enough with painting door trim and I'm ready for a new project.

So I walk in and am immediatly sucked into the $1-$2.50 section. I spend much less time in that section now that it is no longer only $1 items. I wandered past the swimsuits and thought about my "diet". I circled past the workout clothes and thought about going to the gym. I u-turned and went back to the bag section because I really could use a new gym bag. I eventually made it to the housewares section and there they were. The Orla Kiely items.

I wanted to like them. All of my blog friends like them. They were super cute, but I just could not imagine them in my yet to be finished kitchen. I was all a little modern? vintage? (I don't know) for my taste. I picked up a mug and thought about it. But I don't drink coffee and I already have enough mugs. I considerd the pot holders but didn't want to have one random thing from the collection.

I briefly considered the magazine holder but knew it would not go with the ones that I already owned. And I didn't want anymore plastic dishware. I've got enough of that left over from my college days.

So, I didn't get any Orla Kiely is the point. Buying things for a kitchen that is under renovation is hard. I didn't want to walk out of Target empty handed so I grabbed a bottle of cranberry juice and a new bath puff. When I got to the register the line was too long. I put cranberry juice and bath puff back and went home to paint some door trim.

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~amy~ said...

I too did the same thing. Its cute.... just not for me that day.