Monday, February 23, 2009

New Use For An Old Scrabble Board

G and I play speed scrabble, no board necessary. Each person takes 7 tiles and makes their own personal scrabble board (just like the new-to-me Bananagrams game). When one player uses all of their tiles they shout go and everyone takes another tile from the pile. Tile from the pile :) This continues until all tiles are taken and someone has completed their own board. Keep score if you want.

Since we have no intentions of ever playing a real game of scrabble, we might as well use the board for some other reason. We're green like that.

Photojojo gives us an awesome tutorial on how to turn your scrabble (or any game board) into a picture frame.
If I were still teaching, I would play speed scrabble in my class on a weekly basis! What a great way to get those minds working in a super fun way.

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