Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine's Day Books

Each year I buy my nieces and nephews a book for Valentine's Day. It is a nice tradition and I look forward to searching for some cute ones each time. Here are my purchases this year.

Are they any other cute V-day books that I should keep my eye on?

“The endearingly straightforward tale, rendered in simple, rosy sketches, ends with the two frolicking in a mud puddle. Love can be messy indeed.” —Time Out New York Kids

Young Cornelia is walking along when it starts raining hearts. Catching them in her hand and in her yellow slicker, she takes them home to make valentines. Because each heart is different, she is able to make very special cards for her special friends.

Rhino Mister and Rhino Miss
Gaze at the moon in rhino bliss.
They rub their rhino tusks like this.
And now you've seen

Pierre, a mouse who sails a fishing boat, is in love with Catherine, a ballet-teaching rabbit he glimpses from afar. She admires the dashing figure she sees from her window in the evening. Yet each is afraid to speak to the other. Eventually, they reveal themselves and learn that "feelings are like tides—you can't hold them back." While the notion of the torments of adult romantic love may go over the heads of the intended audience, children will relate to the themes of honesty and being true to oneself.

Its Valentines Day and four spirited mice deliver valentines to the other animals. But wait, one mouse is missing! The other three find him in a snowdrift and everyone is safe and happy at story's end.

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