Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Grandma's Sewing Kit

I recently inherited my grandma's sewing kit. Someday when my craft room is finished I might actually sew but for now it will wait patiently in storage with all of my other worldly possessions. Before putting it away, I had a peek inside.

No, it's not beautiful but inside that coppery rusted colored plastic box is a treasure trove of vintage sewing items.
Let's have a look shall we.
Sorry for the sideways picture, but I don't feel like going back to rotate it.
Tiny little thimbles...or Monopoly pieces.
Sewing machine oil. It looks rather oily. Am I supposed be oiling my sewing machine? Should I read the instruction manual?
A bag of elastic for those days when you feel bloated. Who needs zippers and buttons?
The instruction manuals for 2 different machines. Do you suppose that Doris still works over at Sears, Roebuck and Co? Again, sorry for the sideways picture.
A tiny little screwdriver. Again, from Sears. My Grandma must have kept that company in business.
Don't forget the needles! The one on the right is plotting something. Just look at the way her hands are clasped and that evil look in her eye.
What does the 12 mean after Columbus? Was there a time before zip codes?
There you have it. Some old fashioned sewing goodness.

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dawn silvio said...

omg! i "snatched" my mother's first sewing box many years ago. it was a wedding shower gift that my grandmother gave to my mother, the bride. it is almost the same box you've got! mine is navy on the bottom and clear on top, and filled with all sorts of 1960's - 70's sewing goodies. i haven't taken a thing out of it, just like to play with it. much to precious to use up any of the goodies!

amber {daisy chain} said...

wow. this is like an exact replica of my mom's kit, which used to be my grandma's. Love all the Sear's stuff, so many goodies!