Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Wonderful Wedding Shower

Back before I was a married person I got to have a wedding shower. This was no ordinary shower (although I did have one of those as well). This was a pottery painting, dessert plate making, gather round and be creative wedding shower.

We held this shower on a Friday night at a paint your own pottery place. The goal was to make G and I a set of dessert plates of some of the places we've been to together. Not everyone is an artist so we printed out some basic images and let everyone pick what location they wanted to do. Some painted alone, some in pairs.
For the artistically challenged, the trick was to take your image and put it right on the plate. Use a sharpie to trace over the lines. **Don't worry, the sharpie burns off in the kiln**
Remove the tracing paper and start painting. I know they look sort of dull now but wait till you see the finished product. The kiln really brings out the colors.
We just sat around and painted (by we, I mean my friends and family) ate some light snacks and enjoyed some beverages.

All together, we had about 25 guests and ended up with 15 wonderful plates to enjoy. A couple of my favorites

Unfortunately, due to moving and renovations these plates have yet to see the light of day. I look forward to a party in their honor. I owe all of those painters some dessert and a chance to see their plate in person!
Not pictured: London

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