Friday, March 6, 2009

Where Does Time Go?

i really feel like the week has gotten away from me. here are some things i had on my plate.

-my adobe photoshop program died this morning. all my lovely brushes, shapes, and actions are gone as well. it may take the better part of this year to get it all back in working order on my laptop.

-we spent many hours yesterday and today installing new windows in our master bedroom. 4 windows down, 6 to go.

-i started herb seeds in a little indoor garden tray that i got from lowe's. basil, oregeno, and rosemary.

-in the midst of 7 wedding invitation orders, multiple stationery orders, and 1 wedding shower order. i love the busy-ness and designing and talking with all the lovely brides-to-be. every one of them has such a unique vision for their day.

-scouting out locations for an engagement shoot in a few weeks.

-loving the spring like weather of the last two days. my tulips and hyacinths and peonies are starting to bud. hope it's not too soon!

-getting ready for my first ever craft show experience in 3 weeks. any pointers?

so now i am home on a friday night thinking about making dinner (or not). lovely husband is playing solitaire on the other computer. i can hear his belly rumbling. i'm tired. too tired for capital letters apparently.
i won't leave you without a picture. this is what i was doing 1 year ago today. hanging out on the top of a mountain. have a lovely weekend.

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