Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Could Use A Spa Day

March can be mean. 2 days ago it was bright and sunny and almost 80 degrees. Now it is cold and yucky with a high of 40 degrees. I sure am glad I climbed out on that roof a couple of days ago and didn't put that painting off.

Also, my abs hurt (see yesterday). A flat stomach used to come so easily to me. Oh to be 21 again. (in the flat stomach sense only)

While huddled up in my robe this morning, I stumbled upon 100 Layer Cake blog and found these amazingly cute and simple recipe cards for a stay at home spa day. The perfect answer to cure my cold weather, hurting abs blues. Download a set here, print them out on some nice heavy card stock, and then have the girls over and throw your cares away.

Thank you 100 Layer Cake for the lovely idea and beautiful photos!

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