Monday, March 16, 2009

Random Thoughts On A Monday Evening

1. The bathroom window is installed and trim is nearly done. Tomorrow I will fill the holes, prime and paint. 5 windows done, 5 to go. Next up for the 2nd floor is sanding the hardwood.
2. I spent the day painting the trim around the bedroom windows. The window all the way to the right (through the door) is in the new walk-in closet. We have not decided if we'll paint the actual window too. We'll leave it natural for now.

3. I cut my hand. I probably scared G when I walked into the bathroom holding it and proclaiming that I cut myself. When I released the pressure, a little dot of blood appeared and that was about it. But I got a kiss and a band aid.

4. Spring is starting to make an appearance outside. Thanks to the planting day with my mom back in November we should have some tulips and hyacinths in a few weeks.

5. I'm thinking of picking up Chinese food for dinner. You don't know how much I wish our kitchen was done.
6. I've been working on some new wedding invitations for my etsy site. I just need to take some pictures and post them! I'll share as soon as I do it.

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